We came to the breed randomly thanks to our friend, who have owned a blue female of this amazing breed. She immediately stole our hearts due to her unique character – fearless, loyal to her owner and ready to do anything he asked for with an incredible enthusiasm. Impressed us how she behaved as we were strengers. She was mistrustful, still paying attention what we were doing, but the same time she remained calm alongside her master. She was not aggressive at all, just protective.


Some time later we met another cattle dog, a red male with impressive obedience. He took our breath away, so we started to look for a puppy.


The final decision was to buy Axel – a red male puppy from Czech Republic. Because he has had fits perfectly to us, we decided to buy another cattle dog. In four years we have fall in love with this breed so much that now we have three more males and one female.


We do plenty of activities with our dogs included active showing on dog shows, hobby obedience, herding and more. Our dogs are verified in exterior, health and nature which is proven by their titles, health certificates and exams. We hope to progress in everything that is indispensable to breeding.

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