On 15th November 2019 was born our first litter! We have 8 beautiful and healthy puppies - 4 males and 4 females.

For now we have available males and one female.


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Mother of litter is our ❤️Beau❤️ - Windwarrior's Breaking News.

She is very, very active female with excellent health! Athletic and very agile. Correctly build female with very nice head and expression! Nice angulated with easy and tireless movement. Her coat is beautifully blue. She does not like dog shows but still she is very high rated. 🏆

In pack she stands in leading possition and is very protective of our property, personal things and us. She is the type of dog which is not afraid of anyone and anything and she can also be very stubborn (sometimes it drives me crazy). I treated her like little princess and now she acts like one. Highly inteligent, she is able to learn very quickly new comands and is really fast and precise in them.

Beau comes from one of the best kennels in Europe - Windwarrior's kennel in Finland (breeder Tuulia Heikkinen). She has lovely pedigree full of good known kennel names such as Pavesi, Kombinalong, Turrella, Yaringah, ...

Father of puppies is our beloved and well known boy  💙Mimi💙 - Alinga HogWild

Alinga is strong male with excellent body proportions, with easy and strong movement. He has nice angulations and beautiful head. Also has very nice correct coat, interesting color (blue mottled) and raccoon tail. Highly rated on dog show with plenty titles he proves to be one of the best cattle dogs in show ring around! 🏆

His health was tested by many genetic tests and RTG and he passed it all with flying colors! Also does not carry melanistic mask!

He is very easy in pack - not dominant neither submissive. Living in big pack, he loves and respect all our dogs. Alinga is also very protective and is not affraid to fight for me or anyone he likes. He would die for me if needed. We never did much obedience but from little we trained (literally 1 week of trainig) he passes BH/VT test for 58/60 points on excellent! If we have a little time and oportunity we are doing some herding 🐑. Alinga fast got to the highest level (he can start in IHT3 TS) and it is pity that I have so little experiences with that and almost no time for it.

Alinga's parents comes from great Australian and American lines (Duwest, Olman, Kuawarri, Buzzards, Heelersridge, Bangeeri,...)

From this combination we ecpect puppies of athletic skeleton with strong bones, correct angulations and nice heads. Also very active, high drive and good for dog sports and shows.





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